Chuck was born in Colorado, where his parents lived in the Mork & Mindy house…..yes, that big white house from the TV show. He was able to enjoy a variety of many types of music growing up and loves listening to all genres. He’s kinda partial to Oldies and still emcees local classic car shows from time to time. He was first exposed to what radio was really like behind the scenes when he saw Wolfman Jack in the movie American Grafitti. By the age of 25 he was headed to his first radio gig in Knob Noster, Mo in June of 1983. Yup, there really is such a place; it’s where Whiteman AFB is located.

Chuck soon made the jump to an FM country station in Des Moines, IA. After about 4 years it was off to the Big O….and got into network radio in 2002 as a Program Director and announcer until the company was purchased and moved to Denver in 2011. Chuck has done voice work for companies like Boeing, ESPN, WEST Corp., Dunkin Donuts, Publix, Good Neighbor Pharmacies and others all over the country. It’s been 33 years (and counting) since Chuck hit the airwaves and he continues to enjoy talking with listeners on the radio and playin the hits whenever possible.

In his real life..Chuck has been married forever to Dian, and they have 9 grandkids.  In his spare time..Chuck loves classic cars, woodworking and auto’s a little busy.